Seen Semiconductors is a provider of customized epitaxy semiconductor structures. Our wafers are used worldwide by R&D laboratories and producers of modern electronic and optoelectronic devices.

Thanks to the 20-year experience of the epitaxial growers that we cooperate with our structures are of very high quality and thus could be used by our clients as semi-products in the process of attaining the final product or research goal. This could significantly diminish their time, effort and costs. Our very comprehensive offer also allows our clients to conduct sophisticated comparative studies.

Our offer consists of high quality heteroepitaxial structures grown on sappire, SiC, silicon, InP, GaAs as well as homoepitaxial AlInGaN structures on bulk GaN. We are proud to offer structures of record low dislocation density parameters (EPD).

We have access to the best quality GaN in the world with dislocation density of 104/cm2, both n-type and Semi-Insulating type (resistivity 109 – 1012 Ωcm). Our substantial experience in working with the above GaN alows us to offer:

  • very high quality epi-ready homoepitaxial GaN templates on GaN – our experience shows that many growers appreciate working with epi-ready homoepitaxial templates GaN on GaN – as such structures, as opposed to stand-alone substrates, allow for true inspection of nitride substrates, as well as a good predictibility and control for further epitaxial growth,
  • complete epitaxial structures of high brightness light emitting diodes, lasers, and high electron mobility transistors of the highest world standard parameters,
  • all combinations of InAlGaN structures and devices on bulk GaN.

Our list of rare products includes:

  • GaN on silicon
  • graphene epitaxy on SiC substrate
  • HEMTs on bulk GaN

Our clients include the most technologically advanced world-wide corporations and a number of famous universities.