Our very wide range offer includes

Epitaxy structures

Made out of the following materials: GaN, AlInGaN, AlN, InAlGaAs, SiC, graphene.

Deposited on different substrates

Such as: bulk GaN, sapphire, SiC, Si, InP, GaAs.

More sophisticated epitaxy structures

Such as: LEDs, lasers, strained QW edge emitting lasers, HEMTs, Schottky diodes, JFETs, MISFETs, quantum dots, VCSELs, varactors, photodetectors, passive waveguides, and others.


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Seen Semiconductors

  • In the creation process of the final product we cooperate with a number of selected leading epitaxy laboratories located in Central Europe.
  • We offer 20 years of epitaxy growers’ experience and the know-how allowing to manufacture structures of the world’s highest parameters.
  • We have access to the best quality GaN substrates in the world with dislocation density of 104/cm2 both n-type and SI type (resistivity 109-1012 ohm*cm).
  • We offer attractive prices.



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News & Events

  • New epitaxy structures available

    2", 3" and 4" epitaxy structures are now available - please ask for details.

    June 2013
  • RF HEMT on SiC structure

    Please see our new results on RF HEMT on SiC structure

    February 2012
  • A-plane GaN on r-plane sapphire wafer available

    Seen Semiconductors has made an a-plane GaN on r-plane sapphire wafer available.

    November 2011

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